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Global Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Market To Grow Owing To Renewable Energy Development Efforts
Published : 2017-01-03

The amplified emphasis on the improvement of renewable energy has occasioned in the introduction of a huge range of vertical axis wind turbines in the market globally. The most common wind turbines presently used on a commercial platform are the horizontal axis variety. However, with technical developments, vertical axis wind turbines are anticipated to be favourable in the coming years.

Of the Darrieus, Savonious, and Giromill models existing in the market, Darrieus wind turbine, also known as ‘eggbeater’ turbine, exhibits distinctive characters owing to its design orientation. Due to its features like low torque and high speed, the turbines are upheld to be extremely resourceful in power generation. Nevertheless, the vertical axis wind turbine machine typically needs a thrust from an exterior power source to start operations.

Vertical axis wind turbines are expedient in quite a few ways than horizontal wind turbines. They do not need alignment mechanism for the purpose of power generation, thus resultant in considerable saving in budget acquired in manufacturing the turbine. In addition, the renovation and upkeep of vertical axis wind turbines is comparatively stress-free and convenient as the important power generating parts like generator and gearbox are placed towards the base of the turbines.

Apart from this, vertical axis wind turbines emphasize to involve less wind for generating an equal volume of energy. This is helpful for lower elevations where the wind speed is mostly lesser. These features together are chiefly driving the global vertical axis wind turbines market. Due to the profit-making returns of vertical axis wind turbines, the arrangement of these items in small-scale uses is being well-thought-out.

North America and Europe are predicted to observe the maximum growth in the global vertical axis wind turbines market owing to the intensifying technical inventions and advancement of vertical axis wind turbine in the coming years. Alternatively, Asia-Pacific is projected to see the firmest growth owing to the high setting up in this region.

Iceland claims excellent potential of generating power from wind energy. Renewable resources offer 100% of the power generated in the country. In spite of being at the forefront of producing power from renewable sources, Iceland is still undergoing challenges in yoking wind power for residential uses. But with the unveiling of vertical axis wind turbines by Helix Wind, the country is eyeing to profit from a favourable design that may alter the way in which the housing sector uses energy from the wind.

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